Season 4

Season 4 of Shark Tank



Season Four – 13 episodes

Great Case Studies of Entrepreneurs presenting their business opportunities to Investors.




episode 01

  • no -Automated Coat Checking System
  • yes-Beverage Holder Belt Buckle
  • no -Massage Service Which Operates As Masseuse Stepping On Client
  • yes-Bed Bug Early Warning Indicator

Update on: Readerest

episode 02

  • yes-Surf-inspired Exercise Equipment
  • no -Tools For Men To Build Perfect Wardrobe
  • no -Personalized Ice Cream
  • yes-Smartphone App To Hide Messages From Certain Contacts

Update on: Custom Energy Bars

episode 03

  • no -Gluten Free Cookies
  • yes-Rock Bracelets
  • no -Reusable Cloth-based Diapers
  • yes-Posture Correcting Device

Update on: Tower Paddle Boards

episode 04

  • yes-Chicken-flavored Dip
  • no -Hamper That Sinks As It Gets More Clothes
  • yes-Sleeve That Converts Zip-lock Bags Into Bowls
  • no -Device That Allows A Person To Find Car Keys And Cellphone

Update on: Villy Custom

episode 05

  • yes-Line of Dresses Made of Pillowcases
  • no -Unique Spatula
  • yes-Vitamin Oral Sprays
  • no -Energy-boosting Waffles

Update on: Games2u

episode 06

  • yes-"Cousins Maine Lobster" Mobile Food Truck
  • no -"Freaker USA" a Cover for Glass Cup
  • yes-Pro-Energy Infused Flavored Water
  • no -Laundry Soap-Based Organic Nuts

Update on: Kisstixx

episode 07

  • no -Modern Slip Business
  • yes-Scrubbing Tool
  • no -Dog-Friendly Frozen Yogurt
  • yes-Electric Unicycle

Update on: Lollacup

episode 08

  • yes-"Cool Wazoo" 5-in-1 Baby Cover
  • no -"No Fly Cone" Dog Excrement Fly Trap
  • yes-"PlateTopper" Airtight Plate Cover

Update on: NailPak

episode 09 

  • yes-Motorized Vehicle Suit
  • no -Computer Instruction Service To Baby-Boomers
  • no -Online Retail Service
  • yes-Xylitol-based Hard Candy

Update on: Voyage Air Guitar

episode 10 

  • no -Bridal Dress Boutique Which Buys And Resells
  • no -Corks Away Wine Adventures On The Sea
  • no -TIETRY Monthly Neck Ties
  • yes-RUCKPACK Combat Nutrition Military Energy Boost

Update on: Aldo Orta Jewelry Collection

episode 11 

  • yes-"The Coop" Children's Party Place
  • no -"Fat Ass Fudge" Food Company
  • yes-"The Living Christmas Tree Company" Tree Renting Service
  • no -"Partie Poche" Clothing Company

Update on: Chord Buddy

episode 12

  • yes-"The Game Face Company" Peel-Away Face Masks
  • no -"ARKEG" Drinking Arcade Game
  • no -"Dura-Tent" Food Cover Screen Fly Tents
  • yes-"Hot Tot" Professional Children's Hair Products

Update on: Wild Squirrel Peanut Butter

episode 13

  • yes-"Coffee Joulies"-Capsule To Keeps Beverages Hot
  • yes-"Teddy Needs a Bath"-Washing Machine Bag To Clean Stuffed Toys
  • no -"Sub Zero Ice Cream"-Liquid Nitrogen Frozen Ice Cream Retailer
  • yes-"Urbio"-Modular Indoor Planters For Urban Spaces

Update on: "Litter" jewelry

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