Season 3

Season 3 of Shark Tank

Season Three – 15 episodes


Great Case Studies of Entrepreneurs presenting their business opportunities to Investors.




episode 01


  • yes-Easy To Clean Water Bottles
  • no -Funeral planning service
  • no -Business ghost writing service
  • yes-Club reservation service

Update on: Origaudio

episode 02


  • yes-Online Service That Creates And Delivers Custom Cat Drawings
  • no -Company That Teaches How To Become A Good Sales Representative
  • no -Magic Show Act
  • no -Rack That Makes A  Truck Cargo More Versatile

Update on: Citikitty

episode 03


  • no -Fragrance that Smells Like Money
  • yes-Luxury Soap With A Twist
  • yes-Unique Guitar Learning System
  • no -Blinking Accessory for Jeans

Update on: Shrimp-Based Burgers

episode 04


  • yes-Towel To Change Swimsuit In Public
  • no -Sweater and Quilt Invention
  • yes-Maximize a Wine’s Life
  • no -Healthy Puppy Cake Mix

Update on: Notehall

episode 05


  • yes-Universal Garbage Can Lid
  • no -Pillow for Woman with Breast Implants or Large Breasts
  • yes-Tea
  • yes-Bottle Cap Necklace

Update on: Light-up Decal For Car Windows

episode 06


  • no -Easy-Assembly Furniture Line
  • yes-Candy Pretzel Business
  • no -Wristwatch with Supposed Health Benefits
  • yes-Shirt Magnet For Eyeglasses

Update on: Masculine Scented Candles

episode 07


  • yes-Flavored Mix-and-Match Lip Balm
  • no -Clothing Designed For Portable Electronics
  • yes-Home Baking Products Line
  • no -Laundry Dryer Heat-Recycling Device

Update on: Daisy Cakes

episode 08


  • no -Basketball Training Device
  • yes-Skin-care Products Line
  • no -Babysitting Service
  • yes-Body Jewelry Line

Update on: BBQ Sauce

episode 09


  • yes-Tower Paddle Boards
  • no -Instant Thigh Lift
  • no -Vinamor
  • yes-MisoMedia

Update on: Readerest

episode 10


  • no -Custom Shoe Designs
  • no -Pet Food To-Go
  • no -Beer Flavoured Ice Cream
  • yes-GoGoGear

Update on: RideOn CarryOn

episode 11


  • no -Blondies Cookies
  • no -T-Shirts With Logos That Appear When In Contact With Water
  • no -Generator That Produces Gold
  • no -Copa di Vino Founder James Martin Comes Back…For A Second Shot At A Deal

Update on: Copa di Vino

episode 12


  • yes-Mother of Six’s Three-in-One Cosmetic Product
  • no -Customizable Handbags
  • no -Interchangable Straps
  • yes-Extra-efficient Sippy Cups

Update on: Talbott Teas

episode 13


  • no -Air Mattresses In Truck Beds
  • no -Human-Powered Monorail System
  • yes-Interchangeable Covers To Make Heels Into Boots
  • yes-customizable Bikes

Update on: “Show No” Towel

episode 14


  • yes-Peanut Butter Made By College Students
  • no -CAB-20 Rock Band
  • yes-Mix and Match Bikinis
  • yes-Billy Blanks Jr. Dance With Me Fitness

Update on: “I Want To Draw A Cat For You”

episode 15


  • no -Age-Defying Products
  • yes-Recyclable Fashionable Shoes
  • no -Fitness Trainers Pitch Their Home Gym
  • yes-Sharks Fight To Go Into Business With An Inventor

Update on: Club Reservation Service


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