Season 2

Season 2 of Shark Tank



Season Two – 08 episodes

Great Case Studies of Entrepreneurs presenting their business opportunities to Investors.




episode 01

  • yes-Magnetic Collar Stays
  • yes-Child-based exercise program and franchise
  • no -Shrimp-based burgers
  • no- Proprietary Container and Brand for a Single Serving of Wine


episode 02

  • yes-a toy subscription service
  • no -an alarm clock that wakes you up with bacon
  • no -extreme pogo sticks
  • yes-nasal screens


episode 03

  • yes-Eco-Friendly Toy Box
  • no -Exercise Device
  • yes-Online Device-Trade and Track Medallions
  • no -Edible Odor Remover


episode 04

  • yes-Child Chair-Luggage Unit
  • no -Preservative-Free Beef Jerky Recipe
  • yes-Specialty Clothing Brand Marketed Towards “Rednecks” and “Hillbillies”
  • yes-Sopranos-Inspired Money Clip


episode 05

  • no -Luxury Maternity Gowns
  • no -Drink Cooler for Golf Bag
  • yes-Mail-Order Cakes
  • yes-Broom with Built-in Scraper

Update on: Grease Monkey Wipes


episode 06

  • no -Car Sickness Bib for Children
  • yes-Hydration System for Football Players
  • no -Eco-friendly Manual Lawn Mower that doesn’t require blade sharpening
  • no -Mobile Party Games Franchise Company

Update on: Body Jac


episode 07

  • yes-Origaudio Portable Speakers
  • no -Masculine Scented Candles
  • no -Aisle Runners for Weddings and Special Events
  • yes-Quick Connector for Fire Hydrant


episode 08

  • yes-Cat Toilet-training Product
  • no -T-shirts for Expecting Moms
  • yes-Mass Market Versions of Custom Jewelery
  • yes-Shoes with Replaceable Tops

Update on: Voyage-Air Guitar




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