Season 1

Season 1 of Shark Tank 



Season One – 15 episodes

Great Case Studies of Entrepreneurs presenting their business opportunities to Investors.




episode 01


  • yes-Pie Factory
  • no -Implantable Bluetooth Device Requiring Surgery Into Your Head
  • no -Electronic Hand-Held Device For Waiting Rooms
  • yes-Plastic Elephant Shaped Device That Lets Parents Easily Give Small Children Oral Medicine
  • no -College Hunks Hauling Junk-College Foxes Packing Boxes


episode 02


  • yes-Musical Way To Teach High School Kids Shakespeare
  • yes-Gourmet Food Business
  • no -Mixed Martial Arts Clothing Line
  • no -Device That Prevents A Car From Starting Without A Seat Belt Being Fastened
  • no -Post-It Note Arm for Laptops

NOTE: This episode is the first episode to have all 5 sharks invest in a deal (musical Shakespeare)


episode 03


  • yes-Cooking Device For Basting
  • no -Household Items Made From Recycled Chopsticks
  • yes-Book Series That Calms Kids To Sleep Using Stress Relieving Techniques
  • no -Flashcard To Help Memorize The 50 USA States
  • no -Guitar Design That Folds The Guitar Into A Backpack


episode 04


  • yes-Web Site That Resells And Buys Unused Gift Cards
  • no -Line of Inspirational Accessories And Gift Items
  • no -Patents Owners-to put the words “Cappuccino”, “Coffee”, and “Java” on plush toys
  • no -Graffiti Removal Service Franchise
  • yes-Slip Cover For Children’s Travel Play Yards


episodes 05


  • yes-Fitness Machine To Make Pushups Easier
  • no -Line of Stylized Face Masks For Surgeons And Fashion
  • no -Line of Granola Bars That Diabetics Can Eat
  • no -Funeral Concierge Service
  • yes-Web Site That Allows People To Write In A Journal And Gauge Their Emotional State


episode 06


  • yes-Manufacture-Custom Energy Bars
  • no -Root Beer Float Reinvention-Screw on Ice Cream onto fizzy drinks bottles
  • no -Protective underwear for flatulance
  • no -Line of design of sports bras
  • yes-Barbecue sauce and spice rub

Update: Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory


episode 07


  • yes-Set Of Stainless Steel Tags To Identify Cooking Style For Grilled Meats
  • no -A 25,000 sq-ft Entertainment Venue in Times Square, New York
  • no -New Aerobics Fitness Programs, Classes and DVDs
  • yes-Soybean-based Modeling Clay for People With Wheat Allergy

Update on: A Perfect Pear


 episode 08


  • yes-Notehall, A Website That Buys And Sells College Class Notes And Study Guides
  • yes-An Organizer For Children Designed Like A Stuffed Toy
  • no -Socks In Sets Of Threes
  • no -Belt And Belt Buckle Manufacturer

Update on: Coverplay


episode 09


  • yes-Healthy Soda
  • no -Veterinarian Who Claims He Created Pet Food That Can Extend A Pet’s Life
  • no -Large Sphere Used In Simulating Environments-For Military Training or Entertainment
  • yes-Fashion Line For Women Over Size 12

Update on: Ava the Elephant


episode 10


  • no -Bobble Head Doll Company With An Existing Online Presence And Wants To Expand To A Brick And Mortar
  • no -Mr. Poncho for iPhones And Blackberries With A Solution To Tangled Headphone Lines
  • yes-Urologist Who Created An Intriguing Solution With A Golf Club For Bladder Problems
  • yes-A Technological Solution For Sports Recruiting From High School To College

Update on: Pork Barrel BBQ


episode 11


  • no -Children’s Entertainment Center Franchise
  • yes-Helmet Company With A Patented Method To Produce 3-D Elements
  • no -Golf Ball Cleaner
  • yes-Dried Chinese Salad Dressing
  • no -Mail-order Printer Ink Refill Service

Update on: Stress Free Kids


episode 12


  • no -Environmental Friendly T-shirt Line
  • no -Tanning/Massage Pillow With A Compartment
  • no -Gift Shop For Children
  • yes-Individually Packaged, Environmental Friendly Cleaning/Degreasing Wet Wipes

Update on: Body Jac Push-up Machine


episode 13


  • yes-Lipstick Mold
  • no -Ice Cream Vendor
  • yes-Decaf Test System
  • no -Legal Service Coffee Franchise

Update on: Treasure Chest Pets


episode 14


  • no -Mail Order Greeting Balls
  • yes-Bendable Construction Toy
  • no -In-Home Shoe Party Franchise
  • no -Liquid Llama Fertilizer
  • yes-New Umbrella Design

Update on: Lifebelt



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